Our seaside holiday destination is based on one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Vega Archipelago. The archipelago is a perfect location for fishing, kayaking, diving and hiking. We offer a wide range of on-site activities.

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The area around Vega offers a vast amount of fishing, including first-rate sea angling and well stocked trout lakes. You can rent boats from us. We offer two sizes (19 ft or 21 ft) with a 60 HP engine. All boats are equipped with a GPS and sounder. Renting a boat for a day is 1000 NOK and a week is 5000 NOK.


Kayak course

We offer introductory courses to kayaking. The course takes 3 hours and takes place in the area around Nes. The fee is 1100 NOK and includes a drysuit to use during the course.

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Vega is an excellent place for shorefishing. You can catch cod, saithe/pollock, haddock, halibut and flounder. Ask us and we’ll tell you the best places to fish from.

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If you want to go out in the World Heritage Area, we’ll get you there. The boat we use is a Viknes 930 which seats up to 6 people. Contact us for further details.

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Rent a kayak

If you want to experience the archipelago on your own, kayaking is the way to go. You can rent single and double kayaks and all the equipment you need. We’ll also tell you the best places to go.

A single kayak is 500 NOK pr day or 2000 NOK for a week. A double kayak is 700 NOK a day or 3800 NOK a week.



Located at the quay is a wooden hot tub. It seats 8 people and is a perfect place to relax after a day out on adventures. If you wan to rent it for a day it costs 1200 NOK.

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Vega is packed with excellent localities for bird watching and our units are equipped with Din Turs self guiding system for bird watchers. We can also take you on a guided tour out in the World Heritage area and show you the best places to view white taled eagles and other birds.

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Rent a bike

Vega was made to experience on a bike. There are no demanding hills to climb and the scenery is stunning. Most roads are asphalted. If you want to rent a bike the price is 150 NOK for a day and 500 NOK for a week.

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There are 18 marked trails on Vega. Several of these are located in the area around Nes. Just a quick walk from our resort is Guristraumen where you can spot wild orchids. You can also see Galium normanii, known locally as Vega galium (Vegamaure) since it only grows on Vega and on Iceland.

You can rent GPS with a map of all trails from 200 NOK a day.


More adventures on Vega


The Vega Staircase

In 2018 the local sports clubs where in charge of having a staircase built up a mountain. The area it climbs is called Ravnfloget and stretches about 450 meter. When you get to the top you have climbed 2000 steps. The staircase is located in the same area as Ravnfloget Via Ferrata.

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Ravnfloget Via Ferrata

North on Vega you can find Ravnfloget Via Ferrata. The route offers a fantastic view of the World Heritage Area and the island Søla. There is a green and a black trail to the top. The green one is 510 meters and the black on is 550 meters. The way down is the Vega Staircase.

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Vega Verdensarvsenter

North on Vega you can visit Vega World Heritage center. In the center you can learn about why this is a World Heritage area, visit exhibitions and a makerspace. There is also a cafe and a shop. The center is a starting point for guided boat trips to Lånan.